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Senior Living Development andConsulting

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I have been waiting some time to write this newsletter and I am hopeful that you are reading it.  We are beginning to come up from underground and seeing a bit of daylight.  Many of us are now vaccinated and it has provided a lift in spirit and the opportunity to cautiously get together with close friends and family.  I am about to visit my granddaughter for the first time in Berkeley.  Millie Joy Steinfeldt is now seven weeks old and I cannot wait to meet her.   I have spent outdoor time with my group of guys (called the bagel boys) on Saturdays for the last three weeks.  As I said above, a bit of daylight is present and it is my hope for our country and our world that this pandemic is mitigated by science and thoughtfulness.


I have been fortunate to have worked through the pandemic on the Casa Dorinda project.  We are now six months from completion.  Eight years has been our engagement from developing the concept, engaging the professional consultants, obtaining entitlement, and now completing construction.  I am so appreciative of the opportunity to serve the Montecito Retirement Association dba Casa Dorinda and to see it serve residents.  This life plan community is positioned well into the future. I encourage you to go to our website at steinfeldtassociates.com and see for yourself the video we created with a drone fly over of the majestic setting and impeccable architecture.  The video is just over three minutes.  It shows the effort of so many companies and individuals that have worked through five campus evacuations, two fires, mudslides, and a pandemic.  We have built a new bridge veneered with stone that was removed from the creek bed after the mudslide, twenty-two new stand-a-lone villas and apartments, a podium that serves as the platform for eleven of the apartment units with underground parking for 69, a new building for assisted living and memory care with remodeling of the existing assisted living building, a new resident bar and grille, reshaped the main plaza in front of the mansion and constructed new roads and significant landscape improvements.


This could not have been done without the support of outstanding board members and executive staff members as well as the Cearnal Collective, architects, and Sunseri Construction. In this process I have not only managed the project but all of the sitework improvements with the help of professional construction managers.  It has been a very long process but fortunately work has progressed smoothly with some few Covid-19 hiccups.


So, at the end of this project I am planning a significant amount of time off to relax and travel.  We want to see all of our children and grandchildren and travel abroad.  Do I plan to retire?  The answer to that is I still hope to provide some consulting upon my return although the days of big projects are likely over.  I continue to retain my SNF and RCFE licenses and thus far my cognitive abilities.  I believe that my experience can be of use although in a more limited way.  Only time will tell how it all unfolds and reveals itself.   When the project is complete, I will look at this future time in my life as one to reflect on the body of work performed, the communities and residents that the development projects serve, and my own service to older people through management.  It has been a wonderful career thus far and I have been blessed to serve.  I too will take time to reflect on my life that has been well lived and hope to evolve, learn, and continue to grow and be a resource in the Senior Living Industry albeit with less stress and to the Santa Barbara community.


In concluding this newsletter, I have appreciated your willingness to read them through the years and learn about my exploits, my missives, and my work.  I am very grateful to you for your friendship, our collaborations, our common interests and our sense of community.  In the coming months I wish for you and your families good health, happiness, and a renewed spirit and energy as we progress through this incredible time in our lives.



With love and admiration,


Edward Steinfeldt

Spring 2021