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Senior Living Development andConsulting

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It is Spring 2019 and it feels like it.  Finally!  We have had a significant amount of snow and rain this year which has removed California from a drought.  While that in itself is awesome it has brought significant challenges to a project that is under construction especially one that is digging out thousands of cubic yards of soil, transporting it off site, building 11 building pads that require over excavation and re-compaction as well as a new road.  With that said the Casa Dorinda life plan community is making good progress.


Since the mudslides of 2018 we have completed a significant part of the project with a beautiful new bridge that is veneered with hand cut stone from the stone and boulders that came down in the mudflows.  We have completed 90% of the infrastructure, facades on two buildings that face the “Italian piazza” in front of the mansion, numerous site structures for operations and framed the two story Assisted Living/ Memory Care addition.


We still have about two years left to build an underground parking structure, two floors of apartment housing above, 9 villas and 1 duplex, and completion of the addition and remodel of Assisted Living/Memory Care as well as a new resident grille with a bar.  The project has been challenging and with good weather we will make great strides in creating beautiful, state of the art buildings that serve people.  I am fortunate to work with such a great team of consultants and an outstanding CEO, CFO, and Associate Director as well as Board members. This is a project I will be very proud of upon its completion.


I have been ruminating about what comes after this project and the concept of retirement.  It does not appeal to me to think about not doing some work in the Senior Living Industry of which I have committed myself for a very long time.  My work has been fulfilling in that it always has served people and in turn served my family.  Now that my daughter is 30 and a human resource director and my son is 33 and married they have lives of their own.  I am grateful that the work has facilitated my ability to grow with them and see them happy and doing wonderful things in the world.  I would recommend listening to my son’s Podcast at joshuasteinfeldt.com where he excels at interviewing people associated with his work in life coaching, mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology and courage.  His last podcast of 2018 was with the thirty-year translator for the Dalai Lama.  Laura, Joshua’s wife of almost five years is the fund development director for the American Heart Association for the San Francisco Bay area and works with CEO’s CFO’s and others in Silicon Valley and the City.


On another note, please watch HUGE IN FRANCE debuting April 12, 2019 on Netflix.  Janet’s son, Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogul created, wrote and directed it. It stars Gad Elmaleh, the Seinfeld of France and Jerry Seinfeld is in one of the episodes.  It is very funny!  This week my grandchildren now 9 and 5 and mom, Maris, dad Brett from Parkland, Florida are coming to Los Angeles to celebrate Jarrad’s engagement to Chelsea Taylor.  She too is a comedic writer and starting to make headway in the industry.


Janet and our blended family are all engaged in wonderful life pursuits and I am indeed grateful.  I start my day with meditation and prayer to give thanks for all the blessings in my life and that I am “still here”.  I continue to practice yoga, walk, enjoy family and friends and especially my garden.  I will share a picture with you when it is in full bloom.  May you all walk with ease, may you enjoy the love of all those around you and continue to do some good for yourself, family, and community.  Life is short.  Make the most of it!!!


Best Wishes,


Edward Steinfeldt

Spring 2019